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Black Comedy.

Philadelphia, 1842: People are vanishing from the streets, bodies are vanishing from the graveyards. A young woman, unable to obtain formal medical training, turns to a surly anatomist with a mysterious past who might be the link to the disappearances. Combining elements of 19th century melodrama and raucous comedy, four actors portray 20 characters in this quick-change play inspired by the real history of Elizabeth Blackwell, The Burke and Hare Murders, E. A. Poe, and the dark events surrounding the Philadelphia body trade.


Flexible Set.

Cast: 4-15+ actors (doubling possible). 3-13M / 1-2F

T. EUSTACE DRUMM, Roustabout, Burr’s hired help (M)

ELIZABETH BLACKWELL, Aspiring medical apprentice (F)

DOCTOR E. BENEDICT BURR, Resurrectionist, English (M)

DOCTOR THOMAS DENT MÜTTER Surgeon, seeker of oddities (M)

DETECTIVE RANSOM, Zealous investigator (M)

OFFICER MOORE, Ransom’s backup, Irish (M)

DOCTOR G. G. GARDETTE, Resurrectionist, Dentist, Academic (M)

ALPHONSE, Gardette’s assistant, French (M)

WATCHMAN, Old Watchman of the Philadelphia Bettering House (M)

MAYOR JOHN MORIN MASTERSON, Mayor of Philadelphia (M)

WIDOW MALLOY, Ancient tavern-keeper, Irish (F)

E. A. POE, Struggling poet, Virginian (M)

SICKMAN, Drunk, sickly (M)

MR. GRAY, a.k.a. The Gray Man, serial murderer (M)

SERGEANT WRIGHT, Philadelphia police (M)

MASKED GUESTS, Guests at Masquerade (M/F)

Workshop, 1812 Productions, 2013.

Workshop, 1812 Productions, 2014.

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