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Black Comedy.

Lyn and her aging mother Leona bicker like bobcats in their dilapidated lakeside home in Pennsylvania’s anthracite coal region. A former neighbor returns home to care for his own dying mother and sets into motion an unexpected and unalterable series of events that blurs the lines between living and surviving, monsters and protectors, justice and revenge.

Unit Set. Special Effects. Stage Violence.

Cast: 4 actors. 2M/ 2F.

LEONA, The matriarch, (F) 70s

LYN, Leona’s daughter, (F) 40s-50s

KIRK, A neighbor, old and new, (M) 40s-50s

CASEY, A visitor, (M) 40s-50s

Reading, People's Light, 2016.

Workshop, Bristol Riverside Theatre, America Rising Series, 2018.

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