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Children’s Play (~60 minutes).

The kingdom is in dismay! Crops won’t grow, cows won’t milk, and the throne is without an heir! Eager for change, Jack and Jill set out for market while the Miller and his daughter set out for court. A rascally rogue interferes and sets off a whirlwind of hilarity that brings the very sky falling. Audiences of all ages will delight in this funny fable about climbing to a better future.

Flexible Set.

Cast: 11-17+ actors (doubling possible). 3-10M / 6-14F / 7 any

FIRST ROGUE, A rogue, talkative (M/F)

SECOND ROGUE, His associate, not (M/F)

JACK, A boy, rebellious (M)

JILL, A girl, resourceful (F)

MOTHER, Their mother (F)

COW, Their cow (M/F)

MILLER, A miller, J & J’s neighbor (M)

MARY, His daughter (F)

LAMB, Her lamb (M/F)

QUEEN, The Good Queen Deborahbeth (F)

JOSHUA, A prince, her son (M)

FIRST SUITOR, A potential wife for Prince Joshua (F)

SECOND SUITOR, Another one (F)

GOOSE, A goose, hungry (M/F)

GIANT, A giant (M/F)

GIANTESS, A mother, giant-er (F)

HARP, A harp, sings all the time (M/F)

Winner, Montgomery Theater Adaptation Competition, 2017.

Workshop, Montgomery Theater/People's Light, 2017.

Produced, Montgomery Theater, 2017.

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