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In this adaptation of the classic story by Washington Irving, outsider Ichabod Crane struggles to win the heart of Katrina van Tassel while dodging rival suitors, surly landlords, and a headless hellion intent on ghastly revenge.

Flexible Set. Puppetry. Stage Magic.

Cast: 5-14+ actors (doubling possible). 3-4M / 2-4W / 6 any.

SMALL HANS, Van Ripper’s son, (M/F) 20s-30s

HANS VAN RIPPER, Ichabod’s landlord, (M) 50s-60s

KATRINA VAN TASSEL, neighbor to Van Ripper, (F) 20s-30s

ICHABOD CRANE, the new schoolmaster, (M) 20s-30s

BALTUS VAN TASSEL, Katrina’s father, (M) 50s-60s

OLD AGNES, the Van Tassel’s housekeeper, (F) 60s-70s

BROM VAN BRUNT, aka Brom Bones, a rival suitor, (M) 20s-30s

MRS. KLERK, a townswoman, (F) 50s-60s

MRS. SMIT, a townswoman, (F) 50s-60s

ALEX, a student, (M/F) child

ELIAN, a student, (M/F) child

ROBIN, a student, (M/F) child

GERRY, a student, (M/F) child

HEADLESS HORSEMAN, an apparition of the Church Bridge, (M/F) any age

Reading, People's Light, 2021.

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