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Children’s Play (~60 minutes).

Once upon a time in the Great Forest a little girl called Little Red sets out for her grandmother’s house. But her simple trip soon transforms into the adventure of a lifetime! A Fox, a wolf, a prince, a maiden, one highly mysterious stranger, a pair of squabbling siblings, two tea-loving old ladies, and even a little pig or three cross paths with the fabled girl in the red hood in this comedy about having to get lost in the wood to find your way home.

Flexible Set.

Cast: 10-13+ actors (doubling possible). 2-8M / 5-11F / 0-6 any.

OLD (WO)MAN, A mysterious stranger who wanders the woods (M/F)

WOLF, A Wolf, villainous, tempestuous, foolish (M/F)

FOX, A Fox, Wolf’s lackey, sly, quick, impatient (M/F)

RED, Full name- Mildred, wears a red hood, earnest (F)

GEORGINA, Red’s grandmother, loves tea (F)

WILHELMINA, Georgina’s neighbor, loves control (F)

PIG 1, New to the neighborhood, House made of Brick (M/F)

PIG 2, New to the neighborhood, House made of Stick (M/F)

PIG 3, New to the neighborhood, House made of Straw (M/F)

JACOB, A prince, Fifth son of Good King Dennislaus, adventurous (M)

HANSEL, An enthusiastic young boy, runaway, lost in the woods (M)

GRETEL, A spirited young girl, runaway, lost in the woods (F)

RAPUNZEL, Wilhelmina’s imprisoned daughter, long-haired (F)

Winner, Montgomery Theater Adaptation Competition, 2015.

Workshop, Montgomery Theater, 2014.

Workshop, DeSales University, 2015.

Produced, Montgomery Theater, 2015.

Produced, Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival, 2022.

PA Shakespeare Production. Director Matt Pfeifer; Set Designer Paige Hathaway; Costume Designer Oona Natesan; Lighting Designer Steve TenEyck; Sound Designer Harper Justus. Photos Lee Butz.

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