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Co-written with Andy Wertner.



This audacious sequel to Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing takes place 30 years later and follows an aging Dogberry as he aims to protect the lovers, bring a lurking menace to justice, and save Messina from ruin.


Flexible set.

Cast: 8-15+ actors (doubling possible). 5-7M / 3-4F / 4 any.

DOGBERRY, Master Constable of Messina, (M) 60s-80s

OATCAKE, Under-constable, (M) 30s-40s

WATCH 1, Foolish member of the Watch, (M) any age

WATCH 2, Lusty member of the Watch, (F) any age

CLAUDIO, Husband of Hero, (M) 50s-60s

HERO, Governess of Messina, (F) 50s-60s

ANTONIA, Daughter of Hero and Claudio, (F) 20s

MAESTRA, Schoolmarm, (F) 60s-80s

CLEMENTE, Humpbacked emissary from Aragon, (M/F) 50s-60s

PEDROCITO, Son of Don Pedro, (M) 20s

ATTENDANT, To Count Clemente, nonspeaking, any gender/age

DON JOHN, Tortured bastard brother of Don Pedro, (M) 50s-60s

VERGES, Under-constable Emeritus, (M/F) 60s-80s

RUSTIC, Who lives in the wilds, nonspeaking, any gender/age

DON PEDRO, Prince of Aragon, (M) 50s-60s

Reading, People's Light, 2019.

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